Friday, April 18, 2008

KDOTC Friendster Account


Friday, April 4, 2008

How to Register Kristofer's Official Txt Clan..


If you want to join the Kristofer Dangculos Official Text Clan...
the registration is simple!
Just txt: KDOTC,NAME,AGE,and why do you like to join this clan?
and send to:
Rhyan: 09294742754
Yani: 09203768277
Jade: 09292867230


Approved and official by: Kristofer Dangculos

Sunday, March 23, 2008

KUNG FU KIDS in SupahPapaLicious

Hi guys!I would like to inform you that and encourage you to please watch SUPAHPAPALICIOUS! You can see some special appearances of KOKEY and the KUNG FU KIDS.Thank You!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kung Fu Kids is about friendship, love for family and courage. The seven destined kids is led by Lembot, the weakest and least confident of the bunch. About friendship, love for family and courage, the Kung Fu Kids trained under the village idiot who turns out to be a Kung Fu master from China, they’ve developed the abilities that enables them to fight the forces of evil. They will fight many battles and defend their loved ones from evil. The surprising thing about these kids is that they don’t have super powers; they were born with no extraordinary ability to overcome odds. To be able to do feats, they rely of discipline and focus. Unfortunately, he gets entangled in an ancient battle that endangers his family and friends. Under the tutelage of a Kung Fu Master, Lembot trains with other Kung Fu Kids to fight the forces of evil. See how challenging it would be as these exceptional kids deal with serious family issues and enjoy their lives as children while saving the world in secret. The kid’s desire to learn martial arts led him to be in the middle of an ancient battle until everyone close to him, his family and friends were placed in danger. What is the connection of Fei and Master Kung to Lembot and the crazy man? Wu Lee also tasks Kung to hide the ruby heart of Shen Li Liang, a shining sacred jewel & a student named Fei sacrifices his life in protecting the Shen Li Liang. It features the story of three would be child ninja heroes gifted by magnificent powers by this mysterious Kung Fu Master more than super powers, the characters in Kung Fu Kids fight solely on passion, dedication, love, and teamwork. Lem is a leader of the Kung Fu Kids. His sidekicks: Uragon (Paul Salas), Sarah (Eliza Pineda), Moira (Jane Oineza), Benjo (Kristopher Dangculos), Jazz (Joshua Dionisio), and Chubbs (Joseph Andrei Garcia). Lem & Fei are fish-boys to play sitar... The connection of the beetle in Lem’s life.

Main cast

* Jairus Aquino as Waldo "Lembot" Ramos Jr./Kid Weakling/Fei/Marsh - A special ability to perceive slow motion
* Joseph Andrei Garcia as Chester "Chubbs" Trinidad/Kid Chubby - A special ability of force reversal and bouncing energy
* Eliza Pineda as Sarah Magalang/Kid Simple - A special ability of radar and heightened aural sense despite her poor eyesight
* Paul Salas as Leonardo "Uragon" De Vela/Kid Leader - A ability to assess situations and think up of solutions
* Jane Oineza as Moira "Moi" Ocampo/Kid Maarte - A ability to read minds & control the frogs thru her eyes
* Kristofer Martin Dangculos as Benjamin "Benjo" Reyes/Kid Bully - A gifted with the sixth sense
* Joshua Dionisio as Jaizer "Jazz" Marasigan/Kid Judas - A ability to control and manipulate emotions thru his hands

Special participation

* Jiro Manio as Young Macoy
* John Manalo as Young Waldo
* Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson as Mrs. Anita Bang Ramos
* Precious Lara Quigaman as Shen Li Liang
* Menggie Cobarrubias as Karen's father
* Jordan Herrera as Men Tang
* Cristy Fermin as voice of Maneki Neko
* Makisig Morales as voice of Borat 1 (Red)
* Rhap Salazar as voice of Borat 2 (Yellow)
* Daniel Nino Paclijan as Young Bennie
* Lolita Tamayo as Lourdes "Olud" Ramos
* Alannah Ong as Ma Bang
* Thou Reyes as Jafar
* ??? as Mr. Ong
* ??? as Master Wu Le

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kristofer Dangculos Official Text Clan (K.D.O.T.C.)

Are you addicted to KRISTOFER DANGCULOS???
Well,if you are,don't ever hesitate to join his OFFICIAL textclan we made and approved by Kristofer himself just for YOU!!!
Here are the ways on how to join the textclan: [click one image]

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Updates!

•In March 15 2008 Kristofer with the Kung Fu Kids Cast will be at Cabanatauan for a mallshow!

Sa mga Fan ni Kristofer a.k.a Benjo dyan ano pa hinihintay ninyo ihanda na ang inyong mga camera para makuhana sia ng pics at ilang cast ng Kung Fu Kids.

See you there poh!