Kristofer Martin R. Dangculos (born November 20, 1994 in Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines) is a Filipino actor.
His career started when he joined Little Big Superstar where he was eliminated on the second week. His most recent project was in ABS-CBN's Kung Fu Kids.


Year TV Show Character/Role Network
Reel Love Presents: Tween Hearts
GMA Network
Endless Love
Young Johnny
Pilyang Kerubin
The Wedding
young Warren
Pare Koy
Ringgo Onasan and Ringgo's son-JR
Ligaw na Bulaklak
Kung Fu Kids
Benjamin "Benjo" Reyes (Kid Bully)
"Guest Appearance as a Gang Kid"
Boy & Kris
Pilipinas Game Knb?
Prinsesa ng Banyera
young Eric Fragante
Little Big Superstar


Kristofer started his career on the television when he joined a search for a singer. He also appeared on the television as TV guest in
programs, like in the Boy & Kris ASAP '08,Wowowee, etc.
He made a several mallshows around Metro Manila and provinces when he joined Little Big Superstar
and together with his co-stars in Kung Fu Kids.

Little Big Superstar (2007)

Kristofer Martin's career started when he joined Little Big Superstar,
a search reality-variety show for kids with good singing ability. In this contest he was called the "Prince Charming" because of his good-looking
face. He became one of the ten finalist but he was eliminated in the second week of the finals.

Prinsesa ng Banyera (2007)

InPrinsesa ng Banyera, a noon-time drama after Wowowee,
he played the role of the young Eric Fragante, who became TJ Trinidad
when he grew up. He was paired with Jane Oineza, also his co-star in Kung Fu Kids,
who played the role of the young Maningning Burgos (who later became Kristine Hermosa.

Kung Fu Kids (2008)

Kristofer became famous because of Kung Fu Kids, his first anime fantaserye drame series in ABS-CBN.
In this series, he plays the role of Benjamin "Benjo" Reyes, a bully always involved in rumbles, also known as Kid Bully. Later,
he becomes a good boy and develops feelings for Saranelle "Sarah" Magalang (Eliza Pineda).
He searches for his mother, Carmen Santiago (Jacq Yu), but later finds that she has already died.
His father is Congressman Adrian Ocampo (Allen Dizon), but already has his own family. His half-sister Moira "Moi" Ocampo
is also a Kung Fu Kid.

He is the only Kung Fu Kid that
doesn't have any special ability, but is aided by his sixth sense. His weapon is a nunchaku made from slippers and his attack chant is "Shadow Sipit".

Ligaw na Bulaklak (2008)

Ligaw na Bulaklak. In this noon-time drama, he played the role of Chuckie, the foster son of Mrs. Reyes
(Arlene Muhlach) and the brother of Ian (Ron Morales). His brother was accidentally killed by Counselor Chris (Coco Martin).

Pare Koy (2009)

Pare Koy is one of the programs of ABS-CBN
aired last January 5, 2009. Kristofer will play as Ringgo. His character "dies" at a young age.
He becomes best friends with Jess, because Ringgo prevented Jess from colliding into a
speeding car when they were kids. He belongs to the circle of friends with Jess, Joseph
and Mario and they call each other Parekoy. "He" appears to be alive, but Jess, Mario,
and Joseph think it's a hallucination. It's not really Ringgo that appears to them but
instead his son, JR who looked exactly like him so the other parekoys think that JR is the spirit of the "dead" Ringgo.

TV Guestings

  • Pilipinas, Game KNB? 2008 contestant; became a one million peso winner
  • Boy & Kris guesting w/ the other kung fu kids
  • guesting w/ the other kung fu kids


  • Enervon Multivitamins Syrup for kids
  • Coca-Cola (Coke) 2007 Christmas Commercial